Work it out!!

Oh my, for the few months the most thing I heard from friends and a little from family was, “say Mah, you have put on weight” or “you stomach looks bigger” or “your face looks bigger”, well it gets to a point where it gets tiring just listening to it.

Well, it is true what others have to say about you, especially when it comes to ones looks, shouldn’t matter. But when you personally don’t fell comfortable or healthy in your skin, then something has to be done, and fast. I realized myself when I felt like I was going to pass out or get an asthma attack when ever I used the stairs for a period of time. Well, yeah we have been on holidays for more than a month now, winter holiday!! I know holiday is suppose to be a time to rest, relax and get some fun; well, for winter, sleep is one of the first things on the list to do because it is really cold. So I guess I let myself go a little too much.

So, now I decided it was time to do something about it, (and I also realized summer was closer than I realized). For the past week, I have been on an excerise program and well struggling on a clean and healthy diet. Yeah I said ‘struggling’, I mean it isn’t easy to let go of all the carbonated drinks, fried stuff and all that. And worse, follow a strick diet and style…that is too much work. Well, as they say, nothing good comes easy!

Good bye lovely!

So, been on a workout program, and for a while now I kind of feel much better, would be nice to share it with you guys. Added to that, I do the old school one mile workout too, it is quite fun too…but it was fun at the beginning, not at all, but I did make a promise to myself and my sister I was going to make it.

Yeah, when I started I didn’t know what Burpees was…sounded weird to me, if I heard it before would have thought it was something accompanying a meal or something, well we learn new things every day

And the is just one I could never get myself to finish, no matter long I tired…well getting better at it now. Felt light headed the first time I did it.

Well, the hardest part of all of this is the dieting; live healthy, stay healthy, eat healthy! Yeah, but healthy sometimes is tasteless, weird and sour. Lol, but it s very important to keep a healthy life. So I picked out a few shakes and tried better meals. In a time of KFC, Burger King and others, it would be hard to keep to it, so self discipline is very vital here.

So, the struggle continues. What ever the case, self love it very important and confidence too. It is also very important to be comfortable in you sick and with yourself. I do hope this can help someone out there, and there are better ideas to keep fit, it would be nice to share, and comment your ideas.


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