Western or African!

Umm, it has been a while. For the past week a lot has gone down, and one of those things was finding out my auntie was getting married. Yeah, really happy for her! But it brings us to the real question, what on earth are we going to wear (well me most especially). I don’t know about others, but I am one of those who takes dressing up and getting ready for an event very seriously, I literally pick my outfit for class the following morning every night and lay out my makeup before going to bed. Like my friends used to say ” looking good is good business ” lol. For me, it you not dressing to leave a positive impression, then better not dress up at all.

Now the big question on my mind is would I dress Western or go back to the roots(that is African). Well to be honest, I wasn’t one who would jump at the sight of an African wear or African design. I mean, to me, I rocked the Western style and that was fine for me.
    But in the past few months, that has begin to change. I mean, not omitting the fact that I am African, and going back to the roots is important and gives one a sense of identity, but the African style has also got a fresh appealing side to it. Scrolling through the recent African fashion and it was nice to find that there was some to every and anybody to wear, canceling my previous believe African wears wear just big dresses with African prints accompanied by a scarf.

Well now, I didn’t just sleep and decide to go check if African fashion had a new taste to it, of course not, I had to take part in an African Union Day Competition with other students from other different African countries, and it was so amazing was they could do with their African designs, some went real African for sure. That obviously wasn’t my strongest area but did go out of my zone to do it and learn, and it was worth it.

AFRICAN UNION DAY 2016 (Mr/Miss African Union competition), JZMU

What I love most about the African fashion is everybody can be unique, and yet simple. You can be creative with it, and have fun at it. More or less what you would do with a Western outfit. 

lol, interesting enough, it doesn’t discriminate, it can go for females, as well as males. What do you know?. With that all I could say in my mind was- interesting.

The best part…now that is going deep down to the roots. 

With all this going on in my mind, I have always been a Western style girl but looking at African fashion in a different light, it is hard not to feel the edge not to want to try it on a wide scale, so have to decide in the coming days.

So being in my shoes, would you go all Kim K, D n G, HnM…. or go beads a and scarfs. Lol

So then Western or African style?


3 thoughts on “Western or African!

  1. You know what I will pick right?? Beads n scarf..lol.
    But wait a minute..how many phases will the wedding have? You may consider going Western for one of the phases and African for the other.

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