RISK!!”,OMG that was so risky!!” or “what were you thinking taking on such risk?” are the few statements you would hear people say when they get to step out of their comfort zone. Oh my, pretty scary! But what many don’t know is risk is exciting and fun, it may raise a few stress levels, but in the most part it is worth it ( unless you lose a huge some of money or your livelihood,  then I would suggest you re-think you risk strategy.)

A year ago, I was a fresh graduate from the University, spend all my life in school with a good knowledge in English, a little in French and a struggling German. The next thing, sitting in a plane headed for China for school not no knowledge in Mandarin what so ever, and it didn’t help that I was the only girl from my Home Country at my school/town when I arrived -trust me it was scary- I wanted to get into a cab and head back to the airport the moment I arrived. It didn’t make it any better with the temperature being ridiculously low( it was winter in the North of China, for those who have been to the Northern part of China during winter would know it isn’t a fun time.) and I had to stay in a dormitory with others and share a room and bathroom with a complete stranger. With all that going on, I felt like I had been dropped into a pit filled with needles, I was way out of my comfort zone.

For most people in my situation, they would complain about how uncomfortable they are, how things are different and weird, some even complain how complaining a lot makes them uncomfortable. But looking at this situation in a different light would make it seem all exciting. One of the statements I so really hated hearing was, ” back home we have this, or we do things like this and we don’t do it here or we don’t have it here…’ I am like – Hello, no one pointed a gun to your head to take the trip here and take the risk, if you are here already, make the best of it, and stop telling us about what was and what we don’t have or see, save the oxygen!

Doing something new or different, taking risk is a part of life and the biggest discoveries and talents were discovered by risk-taking. Taking risk shows you a whole new side of yourself you never even knew existed – for real-, it makes you know your tolerance levels and breaking points; you get to now the type of people you want around you and those you want to keep in a distance, it helps mold you, and just like natural selection and evolution in Nature, risk plays a role in modelling and shaping your personality. You never know, it could even make you a STAR!!

In my case, stepping out of my comfort zone really enriched me, finally got Mandarin standing ( unfortunately my German had a silent death), I got to know a better understanding of myself, my personality, my weaknesses and strengths…my TALENTS…my brain strength (being in Medical school does that), multi-cultural. I found out I am a big lover of shoes, omg…just kidding, but true though.

The most risk I took was getting into modelling competitions, it was frightening though, but I later on discovered it is only scary when you stand behind the scenes, going on stage and doing what you love, feeling you heart beat faster and putting you best in it makes it fun and memorable, it doesn’t matter if you win or not, what matters is being proud of yourself and touching the hearts of people out there. Risk-taking doesn’t only make you confident, it gives you a sense of achievement- “Yeah, I did that already, and it felt good OR it didn’t go so well, but now I know better”- In my case it was a whole lot of fun, lots of despair on the way too, hurt…but it was worth it.Screenshot_2016-09-19-16-52-15-1.png

oh yeah, almost forgot, found out I had a talent for designing clothes, designed this myself…what I like to call <mah’s>, at Miss University Jinzhou 2016 runway.screenshot_2016-09-22-19-29-29-1

Miss African Union Competition JZMU



I would say the best thing about stepping out of you comfort zone and taking risk is getting a better understanding and knowledge of the different types of people out there and how to cope and understand them. Best of all, making friends with people out of your circle helps enrich you. A few times, stepping out of your comfort zone can be rewarding, like a said being…STAR!!260045439641686361

I hope this can helps throws a light to daring oneself and taking risk, for nothing else, it is fun and it will make you cool…lol.

<It is a big, bright, wide world out there with lots of beauty, fun, love and lessons. All you need to do is stretch out you hand and grab it.>  mah’s




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